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Metal / Metal Free ceramic, crown and bridges 

Dental bridges are a permanent tooth replacement system that uses the teeth on either side of a gap to support a replacement tooth.  Metal free ceramics can provide near-natural esthetics when compared to the conventional metal ceramics.
The commonly done crowns can be broadly grouped under..

Metal free ceramic crowns

Here the metal core is replaced by metal free cores made up of Alumina or Zirconia. The main advantage of metal free crowns is its unmatched esthetics, giving the prosthesis, a near-natural appearance owing to its optical properties.

It is also gives perfect fit as it is made using CAD CAM (Computer aided design and Computer Aided Machining )technology.

Difference between metal free and metal ceramics. The translucency of metal free ceramics is demonstrated by passing light through the teeth.Type your paragraph hType your paragraph here.

Metal Ceramic crowns

Facing ceramic:
Having ceramic material on the facing side of the tooth, with metal on the rest of the surfaces

Full ceramic covered : Completely covered with ceramic material, masking the underlying metal core.